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Hey team,

Wanted to have another short break in regular programming to share some details about what’s been going on with #saashacker in the past 3 months.

It’s been an incredible journey and could not have happened without the support of YOU awesome people.

What happened in the first 3 months?

I kicked off on April 26th with this email and since then have sent a SaaS growth case study every weekday morning.

Feedback has been insane and our community has grown faster than I ever imagined it would.

During June I surveyed the community to see if audio content in the same style would be of interest and the feedback with almost exclusively positive. I have since recorded interviews with the following 11 #saashackers:

  • VP of Marketing at Hubspot to talk about this

  • CMO of Outreach to talk about this

  • Founder/CEO of Transistor to talk about this

  • Founder/CEO of Webinar Ninja to talk about this

  • Founder/CEO of Sleeknote to talk about this

  • Founder/CEO of ZenMaid to talk about this

  • Founder/CEO of Plutio to talk about this

  • Founder CEO of GMass to talk about this

  • Founder/CEO of Riddle to talk about this

  • Founder/CEO of Kapwing to talk about this

  • Founder/CEO of Userpilot to talk about this

These will be released in due course.

What’s going to happen in the next 3 months?

I also received feedback that the backlog of emails was hard to navigate through. Unfortunately whilst using Substack I need to play by their rules…

Which is why, as of tomorrow, we are moving onto our own custom built system using AWS to send emails and Wordpress to store old case studies.

Going forward, all emails will be sent from tom@saashacker.co.

Please whitelist this email address ^^ if you wish to continue receiving the daily email.

As you know, our core growth mechanism has been word of mouth, mainly driven through people forwarding emails. Over the next couple of months, I am going to attempt to formalise this process with a email referral system.

E.g. if 5 people sign up through your invite link, I will personally review your SaaS and provide actionable strategies based on the wisdom gained through analysing 000’s of others.

What is your vision?

I believe that the majority of SaaS content is watered down bullsh*t written for search engines, not to be actioned by people.

The more I am able to share these actionable lessons, the more SaaS founders and marketers will be able to grow their businesses and improve the lives of more customers.

How will you monetise?

#saashacker is currently focussed on building attention and trust. I know that if more people look forward to opening our emails each morning, there will be ways to monetise in the future.

That said, some links you will see in #saashacker emails will share an affiliate commission with us if you end up buying from that business. I only share links to businesses that I have tested and can truly advocate for.

Once we hit a significant number of case studies, these will be formatted into clear sections and edited into a Kindle book that will act as a convenient reference for the next generation of SaaS marketers. I expect this to be released during early 2020.

Also, as you may be aware, I have also taken on a couple of clients to execute the Authority Podcast Funnel (details here).

Providing services allows me to generate revenue to support #saashacker whilst learning MUCH more about the problems and challenges facing high potential SaaS businesses.

How can I help?

How nice of you to ask!

#saashacker as we know it today has been shaped by you. Please continue to reply to any emails with direct feedback on what you like and do not like. It really helps me to keep us on course.

With the research, writing and editing of the daily email, I really don’t really have much time to promote #saashacker. Our community has grown to where we are today primarily through people forwarding on the email content to their friends.

PLEASE keep doing this, it means I can spend more time creating awesome case studies for the community.

As ever, if you have ANY questions about SaaS growth, just reply to any email, I always respond :)

As always…

Keep hacking,

#saashacker - Great artists steal


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