Riddle Grows To $35k MRR With Founders Still On Live Chat?

Serious, try it...

Mike & Boris founded Riddle, quiz making software back in May 2014...

They seem to have solved the growth puzzle and are now steaming past $35k MRR.
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This email explains...

I'll be straight with you.

This is not the sexiest #saashack you'll read.

In fact, it's probably the least sexy #saashack you will ever read.

But it works...

If you head over to the Riddle site right now:


Open the live chat icon on the bottom right:
You can chat with Mike or Boris, the Riddle cofounders.
Riddle are self confessed "customer service geeks"
Let's contrast this with a typical approach to customer service:

- Automate as much as possible
- Hire cheap resources
- Write useless FAQ's
- Build a massive rivalry between customer success and engineering
Summarised as making it as hard as possible to engage with a real person, whilst slowing down bug fixes.

Treating prospects and customers like the enemy with their idiotic questions and needy demands.

Yes I understand that this approach streamlines operations and reduces costs.

But you're missing insight.

You loose the intimate connection that everyone in a SaaS business needs with the customer.

Riddle don't have a support team, everyone pitches in, including engineers.

Forcing everyone to use their own product everyday, absolute genius. This brings the whole team close to the core function of the organisation (any organisation actually...), which is to improve the lives of their customers.

- Engineers fix bugs faster
- Testers see how they've messed up ;)
- Marketers gain a better understanding their of persona
- Founders/product people get ideas for new features
- Finance actually understand what the business does

And the result of this?

This approach is getting noticed:
Boris and Mike have a competition each month to see who responds to the most support tickets...

I got Boris:
Bearing in mind this was Saturday, I had my support request responded to and actioned in approx. 4 minutes.

And then Mike chimed in:
That is insane.
I'm hoping Boris wins the beers this month ;)
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Now I don't have the stats but I'm guessing word of mouth referrals for Riddle are through the roof.

Next time you're considering hiring another customer service person, why not just create a live chat account for everyone in the team?
Keep hacking,