Discord's Welcome Email Drives Them To A $2bn Valuation

How to write a welcome email that resonates

Jason Citron founded Discord in 2012 after realising that gamers were using Skype to chat whilst gaming and it was grossly under serving.

Discord now has 14 million daily active users.
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This email explains...

Discord's welcome email has 4 paragraphs.

3 of these are pretty standard:

The first thanks you for taking the time to check out Discord, the third requests feedback and the fourth shares social links.

It's the second paragraph that is really special...
It makes a bold claim, restates Discord's value proposition and makes 3 references only gamers would understand.

Most SaaS businesses would be too scared to be this specific, most would not mention the equivalent of The Sims, Warcraft 3 or "headshots" in their industry. 

As they are don't want to alienate the "other people".

The problem being... that you will only become magnetic to your perfect persona by alienating those who are not.

This results in average marketers creating watered down brands that no one cares about.

The #saashackers in Discord's marketing team are clearly aware of this as their focus on their perfect person bleeds through their entire brand, including their pricing model:
Discord Nitro is a premium subscription that offers the user a number of perks... that guess what?

Only a gamer would get excited about.

E.g. larger file upload limit, custom tags, animated avatar's/emoji's and higher quality screen sharing.
Incredible persona focus and brand congruency.
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What did we learn?

1. Go check your welcome email
2. Read through it
3. Tweak it to focus more on your ideal customer

And then read it again...

If "other people" wouldn't understand parts of your copy... you might just be on the right path.

Keep hacking,