Rejecting customers

"You're not one of us"

Rob & Ben started CharlieHR (SaaS for running teams) in 2015 after experiencing growing pains at their previous business.

They now have a team of 23, serve 000’s of small businesses and they reject customers.

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This email explains…

There is a few different routes I could have taken with this email about CharlieHR…

I was pondering these topics whilst browsing their site when I found this pricing scroller:

“OK, looks nice Tom, what’s so special?”

“Seriously Tom, are you wasting my time?”


CharlieHR are rejecting customers.

Let’s face it, as a SaaS founder/marketer… the big deals come from bigger companies. We’re talking $50k annual contracts at 90% gross margin.

It could have taken Charlie a couple of hours to throw up an Enterprise demo form selling a higher touch service with greater security features and a dedicated account manager.

But did they?


  • Would that have pleased investors? - maybe

  • Would that have increased sales? - probably

  • Would that have diluted their brand? - YES

Because those enterprise customers are “not one of us”.

CharlieHR has the confidence, courage and focus to say: “Sorry, you’re not one of us, we work with the small guys”.

They know there is more than enough of the “small guys” to build a big business. And to build a big business, they have to serve the small guys at the highest level… both through product and brand.

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What did we learn?

The more you push the wrong type of customers away, the more magnetic you become to the right ones.

Keep hacking,

#saashacker - Great artists steal


I still have not been able to stump the team at RipplePop (WordPress wizards for $370 per month).

Here are a few of my completed requests from the past couple of weeks:

I mean “Make Category Pages Nicer”? - that’s the kind of dev request that gets you removed from the #feature-request Slack Channel.

But they executed… within hours.

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Let me know how you get on.

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